The pursuit of beauty through art and poetry

Szilvassy is the Melbourne ceramic studio of artist Shari Lowndes (b. 1987). Shari’s work blurs the line between artifact and everyday object,

where personal stories and site-specific materials are embedded into the medium of wheel-thrown clay. 

Exploring the relationship between art, object and its immediate location, Shari draws upon a deeply personal connection to the Australian landscape –

a connection influenced by her nomadic upbringing and her family’s migration to Australia following the 1952 Egyptian Coup D’état.

Shari’s practice and work embodies a spiritual belief that we are not owners of our land, merely custodians.

Each Szilvassy piece endeavours to enrich our everyday. A bridge connecting our sense of place and one another –

artefacts to share in daily ritual, to reflect, pause and connect with an intangible human spirit.

The Carlton studio is open by appointment only. Please email to enquire. 


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